Level4B BBEE compliant

Lift and Compressor Services has been a service provider within the automotive industry since 1999.

Our company proved to be a service provider that offers quality workmanship, best customer relations possible and very competitive pricing structures for all services and repairs on workshop equipment throughout the years. During the years business trends changed in the automotive industry and so the awareness of the safety aspect to maintain workshop equipment scaled down considerably.

This creates unsafe working environments and machines that do not operate sufficiently; which in turn is not cost effective for business owners when problems occur where downtime is the order of the day.

For this reason, we find it important to be an associate with RMI. For our company to be affiliated to RMI institution proves that our role as a service provider in the automotive industry is one of positive influence regarding safety and an efficient service provider.

Lift and Compressor Services offer the service of sales and back up service for all workshop equipment nationally in South Africa and Internationally in Zambia, Maputo, Botswana, Lesotho etc.